Thursday, August 25, 2011

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 R2 has great features that new T-SQL developers can benefit from. It allows you to create queries from all different dimensions. In this post I will explore some of these methods.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SharePoint Evangelism in Colleges and Universities

I had not heard about SharePoint whilst at University. When I was asked what it was during the interviews, I could not give any proper definition except that it was something people can use to share information. My future boss was kind enough to give me time to go and research on SharePoint and present him with a report on how it would fit in the company's enterprise architecture. I googled" SharePoint" and had alot of information such that I got confused in the first 5 minutes. However, the microsoft site( gave me some ideals and as usual wikipedia was at my rescue( I was very fascinated at what the product is able to do. Having had some experience with joomla and web baker which I had used for my content management in my university final year project, I was happy that there was such a tool that can do more than I expected. I quickly did a short summary with appropriate references and sent it to my future employer.

When I finally got the job, I quickly started researching and doing alot of studies on SharePoint. In less than four(4) months time, together with my workmate Chris, we had set up a test environment and we were preparing to deploy the first SharePoint Farm in Zambia. It was very exciting.  One year down the line, I was a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in SharePoint.

Having been a witness of  how SharePoint can better the way business is done in an organisation, I want to embark on a programme to share the little knowledge I have about SharePoint with college students. The objectives of my evangelism are:

(i)Explain what SharePoint is and the benefits it can bring to the business
(ii)WSS vs MOSS
(iii)Sharepoint project planning
(iv)SharePoint Implementation
(v)SharePoint demonstration

The fact that, SharePoint is not wide spread in our country, I am of the belief that introducing it to university/college students especially those in their final year will be a win. If you have any ideals that can help me in pursuing this ideal, please drop them here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome SharePoint

For the past one year and three months, I have been working on SharePoint and has really learnt alot about this amazing product.This blog is about realising what SharePoint can do, discovering the uniquiness of this Microsoft product and encouraging my collegues to switch to this amazing tool. We have just done the first SharePoint Implementation in Zambia for soon to be the biggest Copper Mining Company in Africa. It was very exciting doing this project. We first made the intranet which is being accessed by more than 2000 users. Next we implemented the Travel System, Invoice tracking System and Accounts Charter. All these systems are making use of lists and have really improved business. I can encourage my fellow developers and information workers to think about moving to SharePoint. I have closely worked with my collegue Christopher Simusokwe.( ).